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2016.11.04 Updated time-lapse videos
2016.10.04 This page goes live!

Video Links

We have been taking lots of video and photos of the project. Eventually, photo galleries will be available here. But for now, all that's been posted online has been videos uploaded to YouTube. Please see below for links to playlists of specific groups of videos, and the occasional single video.

Technical Note:

If you've watched the time-lapse videos, you've noticed that they have some places where the video stops and a message about missing photos is shown instead.

There have been some teething pains with the time-lapse cameras. One of the cameras has been very unreliable, with it simply stopping taking photos after some number of days in operation. We also did not know for sure how long the non-rechargeable lithium batteries would last in service. The two other cameras that use those batteries also stopped working unexpectedly, in the first week of October. At first, it looked like the batteries had simply run down, but checking their voltage it turns out that of the twenty cells (twelve in one camera, eight in the other), five of the cells had actually failed. While the other cells still were showing anywhere between 1.3v and 1.5v (that itself an oddity, as they should have all discharged much more closely to the same amounts), those five showed no voltage at all.

The battery state-of-charge indication on the cameras showed that they were discharging very slowly and should have lasted much longer. The failure of the individual cells was sudden and unexpected. So we went weeks before checking the cameras again and discovering that the batteries had died. Ironically, the camera that was using NiMH rechargeable cells (which probably did simply run down) lasted the longest. The state-of-charge still showed useful service, but on review of the photos it was apparent that it had stopped taking photos as well, though more recently.

To add insult to injury, I got confused by the various different user interfaces on all the cameras, and on one of the cameras, I left it in "Setup" mode. For better or worse, this was the camera that was so unreliable in the first place, so we probably wouldn't have gotten the full complement of photos from it anyway. But it would've been nice to have had some.

Other than the camera that was simply unreliable, another camera has relatively poor image quality and is very difficult to use for the time-lapse photography, because instead of photos it saves video files, and the "info strip" doesn't include any indication as to whether the photo was triggered by motion or time-lapse, making it labor intensive to try to edit out the motion-triggered shots. Because of the difficulty with those two cameras, we've bought two more and are using them in place of the bad ones. In addition, they have the NiMH rechargeables in them; the hope is that these will be more reliable, and because they are rechargeable, they can be swapped out with each memory card change, instead of trying to let them run close to end-of-charge.

With some luck, the time-lapse videos going forward will be complete and there won't be a need for any other "technical difficulties" screens. :)

Photo Albums

Watch this space!

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