Software Harvey would approve of!

Once a coder, always a coder. While Peter no longer writes software for a living, the urge to write software still exists and requires an outlet. Here is a small sampling of his work (excluding, of course, any software written professionally and so for which the rights belong to someone else).

All of these programs were written to meet specific needs. The degree of polish is directly related to the originally intended audience, the priority of the need, and of course time available. Few programs ever get the attention required of something with true "fit and finish", but if it appears here it's likely it works well enough to get something useful done.

Very generally then, here are some categories of programs you will find here:

Unless otherwise noted, all programs run on Windows and require .NET 2.0 or later

Finally, this page is likely to be perpetually under construction. It's slightly easier to list a program here than to actually get it put up as a download on the server , and so there may be programs listed here with a description but no actual link. If it looks like something you'd actually be interested in seeing, feel free to send email to harveyware at harveyosity dot com and request that it be moved closer to the head of the line with respect to posting to the web site.

Of course, please feel free to use the same email address for any general comments regarding any of the software here.

Retail Quality

Drag-n-Crop — a simple image cropping program with a user-interface streamlined for rapid cropping of large numbers of images while still allowing for individual control over each image's cropped area (Mac OS X 10.4 or later is also supported)

Mandeldot — a Mandelbrot set viewer

Countdown — a simple timer program; select the timer duration and a sound to play when it expires (built-in or user-selected WAV file), and eventually it will have support for multiple simultaneous timers

ResChanger — screen resolution changer, with command-line support and a two GUI modes (one-button toggle, and full-control panel)

Rough Cut

PhotoAlbumHelper — a tool to assist in creating HTML photo album pages with image links from original scanned pages; the original scanned page is loaded, the user selects rectangles for each photo on the page, and HTML is generated along with the necessary image data

Road Users — a database and analysis tool, specifically designed to support traffic surveys that include entry and exit data, calculating travel times between ends of a through-road

WMFtoBMP — converts Windows Metafile data to BMP format files


RIFFEdit — RIFF is a basic multimedia format used in Windows, including AVI and MIDI; this tool allows for browsing the data hierarchy in a RIFF file and high-level editing of the data, useful for removing unrecognized chunks (for example, allows for Google Video format files to be readable directly as AVI files)

UDPTunnel — networking utility that acts as a forwarding service for UDP data over a TCP connection, to address problems where network congestion is causing excessive UDP data failures (command-line utility, does not require .NET, but the eventual GUI version will)

Log View-O-Matic — web server log file analysis tool; provides support for GZIP compressed log files, and eventually will provide automatic FTP log retrieval, XML export, and basic analysis tools