Welcome to the Drag-n-Crop web page!

What is Drag-n-Crop?

Drag-n-Crop is a simple utility, designed to make it quick and easy to reformat images. With it, you can specify an aspect ratio or specific image dimensions that are to be used to create new versions of selected input images. If the output aspect ratio is different from the aspect ratio of the input image, Drag-n-Crop provides an easy, direct user-interface allowing you to choose what portion of the original image should be preserved in the new version.

How does it work?

The user interface is simple: you choose a directory that contains images to be cropped and/or resized, a single image from the directory is displayed, allowing you to drag the area to be left in a new version of the image. With a single key press or mouse button click, the new version is written to a directory and the next image is displayed.

Drag-n-Crop can read any image format supported by the underlying platform (Cocoa on Mac OS, .NET on Windows), but will only write JPEG format files.

Sounds great! How do I get it?

Download it, of course! Versions for Windows and Macintosh are available. (see below for specific system requirements)

Mac OS X Universal Binary (259 KB)

Windows XP (487 KB)


What's so great about that?

Not convinced, eh? Here is a more detailed explanation of why you may in fact find Drag-n-Crop just the tool you need.

What's this going to cost me?

Drag-n-Drop is free. I'd love to encourage people who find it useful to contribute US$5-10, depending on how much use you get out of it. But for the moment, I don't really have a good way to accept payment. So instead, if you found the program useful please just remember to send email saying so. Of course, feel free to comment on what you liked or what you think could be improved.

I tried it, but it doesn't do enough!

Drag-n-Crop has, by design, limited functionality. It's not intended to replace full-featured image editing programs; rather, it's supposed to make a very specific task go very quickly. That said, there's still room for improvement even within that constraint. Here are some features planned for a future version:

What are the system requirements?

Macintosh: While the Universal Binary version is compiled with OS X 10.4 as the target, I believe it should work fine on OS X 10.3.9 and possibly even earlier versions, but don't have a way to easily verify that. If you are running OS X 10.3.9 on a PowerPC and don't want to bother with the Universal Binary, you can download a version compiled specifically for OS X 10.3.9, PowerPC (244 KB).

Windows: Drag-n-Crop requires Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 or higher. The installation program should offer the option to automatically download and install .NET for you, but if for some reason that doesn't work, you should be able to use Microsoft's Windows Update web site to install it. If for some reason that doesn't work, you can download the installer for .NET 2.0 directly from the Microsoft web site.

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