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Baby “I” Innaias Ming Tan Duniho —
born July 29, 2008 at 12:59am
9 lbs 4 oz., 20-½ in.

Pronounced: ihn-NEYE-ahs (h denotes short vowel sound)
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Hospital picture

Three simple steps in birthing a baby:

Not necessarily in that order.

It's basic “Baby Class 101”. The “5-1-1” rule says that when contractions are at least 1 minute long, no more than 5 minutes apart, for a full 1 hour, it's time to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, it seems that babies aren't always good about following the rules.

So, with contractions still as much as seven to eight minutes apart, they suddenly transitioned to essentially no delay between one contraction and the next, with no opportunity to get Debra into the car and to the hospital. Long story short, with a bedroom full of firemen and paramedics, our third son was brought into the world.

Debra and baby are both doing very well, now comfortably in the care of the Overlake Childbirth Center. We're anticipating them being discharged tomorrow afternoon or evening (July 30th). We've been discharged from the hospital and are settling in at home, figuring out our new routine. If you would like to visit, we will probably be ready for visitors by August 4th (“ready” being relative, of course…the house may or may not be presentable by then :) ). Please phone before your visit to make sure we’re here.