Below, you'll find pictures of the forest taken before the thinning was done. When you position the cursor over each picture, it will change to show you the same location after the thinning. Most of the pictures are small, just large enough to get the general feel for the difference, but four are large enough to show some detail. The final picture is the most dramatic, since it includes the road that was put in at the same time as the thinning (so it's of course not as much thinning as it is wholesale clearing).

For anyone interested in correlating the pictures with actual locations on the property: all of the pictures were taking looking north (northeast for the first one), from the south side of the road that runs along the south border of the property. They are numbered sequentially from west to east, except for the picture of the new road, which is actually in the middle of the property even though it comes last sequentially and numerically.

Note: you may have to enable JavaScript in order to see the "after" pictures. I think generally, this should be already enabled by default, but if you're not seeing the "after" pictures, check that.

And now, without further ado...

Before, and After!
Before & After 01 Before & After 03 Before & After 04 Before & After 05 Before & After 06 Before & After 09 Before & After 10

Before & After 02 Before & After 07 Before & After 08 Before & After 11