In Loving Memory: born January 2, 1997, died December 1, 2006

Please join Debra and Pete, along with Flynn, Guinness, and those others who knew and loved Harvey, in remembering him and honoring his well-lived life.

Here, you will find Pete's final farewell to Harvey as well as the first and second health updates that preceded Harvey's death and which related the reemergence of Harvey's lymphoma and the attempt to treat it.

In addition to the health updates above, there is also the broader announcement sent to our original health updates mailing list, the calendar recipients mailing list, and a handful of other folks who we thought might be interested in the information. It includes information specific to calendars, including an offer to send a final memorial calendar to our friends who might not have already been on our calendar distribution list.

For your convenience, there are also links to a printable image of the January page from the 2007 calendar: JPEG format (780K), Microsoft Word format (246K). A printable image of The February page can also be downloaded: JPEG format (823K), Microsoft Word format (249K).

Would you like to donate money to a charity in Harvey's memory? Debra and I will be matching donations by our friends to three of our favorite charities. Details may be found here.

The Harvey Calendar Archive is complete! Please feel free to take a look at all of the Harvey Calendar pictures, from puppy-hood through his last year.

This web page will be updated periodically as time allows, eventually to include other favorite Harvey photos, and possibly thoughts and memories from others, including Debra.