Pictures from the month of April, 2006

compiled 7/5/2006


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Zonked out with the plush toys Just a cute picture of Guinness Tennis ball selection is very important Nice form! Just barely got past him
P4050016 P4050017 P4090037 P4100040 P4140049
Eye on the ball... Nice hit! A rare "playing on his back" moment The giraffes, handed down Tissue paper is great fun!
P4170070 P4170075 P4170078 P4170079 P4170080
Guinness wonders if he's going to have to humor Flynn's sense of humor his whole life A plate of frozen blueberries, still a nice treat Trust me, this grimace has the blueberries quaking in their boots! Blueberry tongue! Edvard Munch would be so proud
P4220096 P4220098 P4220106 P4220108 P4220110
Flynn and Guinness, doing tummy-time on the deck Flynn's close-up "Okay, I raked some what?" Pete with his baby trees Debra and Guinness, supervising
P4220111 P4220114 P4290021 P4290025 P4290028
Flynn leaning on his rake The gardeners taking a break A sheep-shearing demonstration at the annual Kelsey Creek Farm "Wild 'n Wooly" event The actual sheep shearing on-stage Found a nice close seat from which to watch