Christmas Season, 2005

compiled 7/3/2006


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Of course I can dress myself! And now, for my first trick... Look! I'm blowing the lights out! Flynn's tree-trimming apprenticeship...he'll be a master ornament hanger in no time! You can barely tell that a 10.5 lb baby will be born in two more days!
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"What do you mean, you think there are too many ornaments on the bottom branches?" It takes a team to get the tree in shape You don't really expect me to help Flynn hang ornaments, do you? Harvey chews, while everyone else trims the tree What will that dog Carl do next?
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Kong and Flynn, hanging out after some very tasty dim sum at Noble Court What better place to read about planes, than perched up high on the laundry? Story time with Dr. Seuss Kong and Granny Tan relaxing with Guinness Can I hear you now? Can I hear you now?
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Guinness and Flynn, just hanging out I love my new little brother! Okay...I think I'm ready to help out with Guinness's diaper changes Guinness enjoying some shut-eye with Auntie Rin Come on Guinness...we can finish this tower twice as fast if you'll help!
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Guinness lounging in Mommy and Daddy's bed Kong is all ready for naptime, tucked in with his stuffies and everything! Snuggly in the La-Z-Boy Are you sure this box isn't for me? Cars and Trucks and Things That Go - soon to be a much-loved favorite
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Even Harvey loves opening presents! "I am SO excited it's Christmas!" Good job let's see if we can teach Guinness what time he's allowed to wake up in the morning Boys' day out at Snoqualmie Falls Snoqualmie Falls, without all those people in the way
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The photographer becomes the photographed - but to which photographer does that refer? "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..." Who says Guinness can't fit in my lap?