Pictures from the month of January, 2006

compiled 7/4/2006


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Reading Wiggles & Giggles together Guinness enjoys hanging out with Flynn The boys snuggle on the sofa Flynn has his baby in the Baby Bjorn too! Harvey and his chew toy collection
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Hanging out in the crib Cozy on the couch All the kids together by the tree This might be one way to deal with the overloaded lower branches More lap time with Flynn
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Guinness is already half the size of his Granny Tan! Harvey relaxing with Pete on the couch Granny Tan showing Flynn why Chinese New Year is so special What's so special about Chinese New Year...hong bao, red packets! Guinness loves his dinosaurs
P1300117 P1300119      
"Yes, he still fits in my lap!" Kong and Guinness, of course