Flynn's Birthday Party, (just after) June 2006. (The party was actually on July 1st)

compiled 7/10/2006


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Thank goodness there's shade somewhere Giggle sticks were a big hit The "blowouts" were too (the kids didn't even seem to mind there was no noise-maker in them) The Lemoines, all partied up Flynn and Kiera having fun
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Flynn, Sam, and Kiera did actually play together some of the time More blowout fun And speaking of blowout fun Flynn designed the cake. Green icing with green balloons. He was very specific. Everyone seemed to agree with Flynn's is good. :)
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Opening presents...this one's a Magnadoodle Pro! But wait...there seems to be a distraction off-camera Oh no! It's the giant Partyhatosaurus! More present openings Puzzles are great fun!
"I love my birthday party!"