Pictures from the month of May, 2006

compiled 7/10/2006


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Taking a nice walk down the logging trail Sure-footed...must be Debra's boy Sometimes, the animals move so quickly they are too blurry to identify Even small branches seem like big logs when you're just three feet high Guinness loves hiking at Dog Wood Forest
P5050071 P5050072 P5050074 P5170018 P5170023
"Let's see if I remember how to use this thing" "I don't seem to be able to reach the pedals" "Ahhh...this works much better" More tummy time...Flynn can't get enough of it now! Flynn might have taken this picture
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Strawberries, a nice May treat "I'm determined. To do something." "Okay, let me see how you do that whole 'smile' thing again?" Learning to use the high chair Sitting up is hard to do!
Happy to be a baby!